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Come, allow us to make you feel at home on the coast of Newport Beach in sunny Southern California. Be sure there’s time to take it all in. It’s time to start a new ritual at Pelican Hill. Gather with friends to celebrate a new year and a new ritual as you indulge in time together.  Whether you seek a day of pampering at The Spa at Pelican Hill, 18 holes of ocean-view Fazio-designed golf with your group or an epicurean experience as fresh and delicious as the ingredients in each dish, let Pelican Hill be your space to escape together and start new rituals to enjoy all year long.

Golf Academy
Golf is a complex sport that forever challenges its players to get better.
Requiring the right balance of mind, body and control to elicit the desired power and precision in every shot, a golf game demands personal attention to evolve.
Enter the highly skilled team of PGA Golf Professionals, lead by Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teacher” Glenn Deck at Pelican Hill Golf Club, who have designed an expansive selection of clinics and programs for players of all size and skill levels.
The Pros dedicate themselves to simplifying the game for others—counseling each student on the ways to improve every aspect of their golf game including shots, movements and overall approach through body & balance.

Body assessment
As a golfer’s body matures with age, exercise and flexibility routines can help them stay on par.
The fitness experts evaluate each individual before advocating specific stretching and injury prevention techniques.

Dynamic balance
It only takes one kink in a swing to slice, duff or hook a shot.
Using a series of challenges, we teach each golfer to maintain balance throughout their swing by analyzing posture, weight transfer and other contributing factors.

Most golfers don’t swing clubs properly simply because they aren’t limber enough to do so.
The Golf and Flexibility & Stability Clinic allows each student to increase their elasticity, exactitude, stability and overall execution.

The Pelican Hill Golf Academy holds four different half-day golf schools, each one dedicated to a specific part of the game of golf.
The Academy features Putting schools, Chip, Pitch and Bunker schools, Full Swing schools, and Playing Schools, to enhance or improve whatever specific area needs improving.
Private lessons are available at all times to provide customized and individual instruction based on the skill level of any player.